Living History Talks: Chatting with Jane and Elizabeth & Til’ Death or Distance Do Us Part

Booker T. Washington National Monument
12130 Booker T Washington Hwy
Hardy, Virginia 24101

Mar 30, 2019




Saturday, March 23 & March 30– 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.- “Living History Talks: Chatting with Jane and Elizabeth” Take a step back in time and learn about how Jane, an enslaved plantation cook, and Elizabeth Burroughs, a widowed plantation owner felt about living as women in the south. Come out to learn about the different perspectives of what life would have been like for both a southern enslaved woman and a southern plantation owner. A park ranger will lead walks to the historic area where living history presentations will take place. Please dress accordingly as this program will take place

Sunday, March 31 – 2:00 p.m.-“Til’ Death or Distance Do Us Part” Learn how women on the southern home front fought their own battles to survive. What were the obstacles faced by females, in bondage and free.

Booker T. Washington wrote about his beginnings as an enslaved person in his autobiography, Up from Slavery. Washington spent the first nine years of his life on the Burroughs plantation in Franklin County, which is today Booker T. Washington National Monument. His autobiography shares some aspects of an enslaved male’s life on a plantation during the war and also includes some of the effects of the war on other residents of the Burroughs’ plantation.

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