Harvester Performance Center presents Riders in the Sky

Harvester Performance Center
450 Franklin Street
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151

Mar 13, 2020




40 years, it seemed to go by in a blur, pounding the road, seeing the world, raising babies and sending them to college. Mowing lawns, romances, marriages, high school drama, endless airports, nights at the Hollywood Bowl, nights at the Red Barn in Louisville, dodging various barroom projectiles, hours of practice, late nights and early mornings, and of laughter.  40 years ago no laptops, cellular phones, Google, downloads Skype, tweets, no Apple, no Microsoft, no texting, no electric cars, and no Uber.  A different world,  but there were three young men with drive and wit who wanted to keep a special music alive.  They believed in preserving the heritage of Western Music entertaining, and they did so… entertaining themselves as well as the audience!  And they believed in creating original Western Music to continue the tradition, not just seal it in amber as a museum piece. 

40 years ago, Ranger Doug, Too Slim and the late Windy Bill Collins played that first date on the bitter cold evening of November 11th, 1977 at Herr Harry’s Frank N’ Stein Rathskeller in Nashville.  By August of the following year demand was building, and while Windy Bill left, Woody Paul joined, and the true professional beginnings of the band began.

Doors open at 7 p.m. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.harvester-music.com