Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival

Ferrum College
20 Museum Drive
Ferrum, Virginia 24088

May 24, 2018




Ramp up your playing skills at Ferrum College’s annual Crooked Road Dulcimer Festival!  With over 60 workshops, the CRDF offers an array of learning experiences for mountain dulcimer players of all skill levels.  Evening activities include jams, concert performances by the instructors, and a dulcimer orchestra.  The 2017 CRDF’s top-shelf instructors include Jeff Furman, Nancy Galambush, Jon Pickow, Stephen Seifert , Joe Collins, Ken Bloom, , Ben Seymour, Becky Cleland, Bill Collins, Phyllis Gaskins, Roddy Moore, Jim Gaskins & Marsha Harris. 

Fine accommodations are available in Ferrum’s newest conference residence halls.