An Evening with Dawes “Passwords Tour” at the Harvester Performance Center

Harvester Performance Center
450 Franklin St
Rocky Mount, Virginia 24151

Aug 7, 2019




It’s been nearly a decade since Dawes first emerged from Southern California, carrying with them a roots-rock sound that nodded to the past – including the West Coast folksingers and cosmic country-rockers who chased a similar muse during the 1970s – while still pushing forward.

Over the years that followed, the band evolved and electrified. The grooves deepened. The amplifiers grew louder. Once known for their honest approach to classic sounds, Dawes grew into something different: a forward-thinking, boundary-pushing band for the 21st century, willing to follow inspiration wherever it leads.

“Band” is the operative word here. This is the work of a group of road warriors who’ve carved out their blend of amplified folk-rock, bound together by blood.

Like a highlights reel of the albums that preceded it, Passwords bounces between gui-tar-driven indie rock (the anthem, atmospheric “Living In The Future”); slick grooves (“Feed the Fire”); blue-eyed SoCal soul (“My Greatest Invention”); and modern folk (“I Can’t Love,” “Stay Down”). At the same time, the album also embraces a spacier, experimental approach. “Passwords comes from a line in ‘Living In The Future’: ‘It’s the battle of the pass-words,’” Taylor points out.

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